The grace of the Aegean


Welcome to Skyros, a hidden gem in The Aegean open sea. Let us show you the unique side of our island. We are going to share our local secrets and inspire you to adopt our slow way of living. Explore the magical surroundings, nourish your soul.

This is the grace of life.

Skyros Beach view from Boat


On an island free of distractions, art will flow

The old traditional patterns of Skyrian art inspire the handmade ceramics of Mr. Ftoulis. A homage to the island’s beauty.

He welcomed us cordially and showed us around his workplace.
 Always willing to guide you through the creation of his clay masterpieces,
he set an example for everyone, that art has no limits.

Stamatis Ftoulis
Painting Ceramics
Painting Colors
Prickly Pear

Creative flow is a wonderful state of mind


This is the main reason why Mr. Katsarelias Dimitrios keeps the making of traditional “trohadia” shoes alive. Locals have been using these handmade leather shoes since the 5th century B.C.

Famous for its wood carving tradition, Skyros knows how to hide the beauty in the details.

wood carving

When we think of escape, we think of Skyros.

It’s that salty sea breeze that awakens all senses.

Emerald waters of sandy beaches like Molos, Magazia, Aspous, and Acherounes. Breathtaking crystal blue color of Agios Petros and Kyra Panagia. The lush greenery of Pefkos beach, Agios Fokas, and Atsitsa. Skyros beaches are ideal for serenity, privacy, and relaxed moments.

Skyros Beach
Skyros Island
Rocks on the Beach

You will find your own sense of peace, wandering the narrow alleys of Chora.

Breathtaking views of the vast Aegean sea while exploring the Medieval castle and Saint George’s monastery.

Village Skyros
Local people of Skyros
Narrow Alleys in Skyros
Alley in Chora Skyros
Medieval Castle
Eleonoras falcon

Ideal destination


An ideal destination for nature lovers, home of a rare horse breed, the Skyrian ponies. 

Surprises await, such as the church of Agios Nikolaos carved out from a rock. And if you are on the romantic side, visit the Eternal Poet’s statue overlooking the Aegean sea and get carried away by that salty breeze again.

Agios Nikolaos Church Skyros
Skyros Sky
Skyros View
Eternal Poets Statue
Panorama 5
Panorama 4
Parorama 3
Panorama 2
Panorama 1